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Experience the phenomenon that is BISHONEN!
For hundreds of years the Japanese bishonen have been revered among the people of Japan as almost super natural beings with powers beyond that of mere mortals. With smooth buttery skin distinct features and an air of power these beautiful creatures have seduced their way in to the hearts and minds of the most powerful men and women across the land. Transcending the boundary between man and woman. The bishonen is the embodiment of heaven and hell. Good and evil.

Now, the 21st century version of the Bishonen has evolved in to an even more seductive, beguiling temptress that knows no boundaries, morals or ethics. Apparently shy and reclusive it stalks it’s victims with no regard to social standing or profession. It lures them close, casting a web of innocent naivety and subliminal beauty. Once disarmed of any apprehension or fear, the Bishonen pounces, striking with lethal accuracy, rendering it’s baffled pray totally naked and powerless to resist.

Though it may seem that the Bishonen is the victim to the perversion unfolding before your eyes, it is in fact the other way around. It’s quest for male lust and
physical abuse drives the Bishonen on and on and on.

Director: Nimura Hitoshi

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