Jyosou Bishonen Vol.1 (B-1)


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Jyosou Bishonen Vol.1 (B-1)

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to put on a dress and allow yourself to be lead in
to the beguiling world of the BISHONEN?

This is a story of Takki. A young beautiful bishonen. No stranger to sex with men or women, Takki is thrust in to a world that he never knew existed. Having no previous experience or interest in cross dressing, Takki’s world is turned upside down when he is persuaded to dress up as a girl. Controlled by a middle aged hentai, Takki’s physical transformation is almost flawless, however his mind, spinning out of control, struggles to cling on to it’s identity as mixed feelings of pure pleasure and shame push him to the limit of his sanity.

Takki, our featured bishonen, is dressed up in a sailor suit and forced to to endure a session of humiliating examinations, both physically and mentally. He soon finds himself performing for the camera as each scene escalates in to more perverse acts. Some ass fingering leads to the introduction of toys. Getting himself off, he stokes himself as his little toy is buzzing inside his tight ass. His hentai guide is always by his side instructing and prompting Takki let go of his inner self and truly become the woman he has always wanted to be. Takki caresses his mentor’s body, licking every inch up and down. He goes to work on his stiff shaft with his mouth, sucking cock instinctively, Takki brings his mentor to climax.

A short break and a change of dress, Takki appears more relaxed in fishnet stockings and his new pretty frock. He is joined by a couple manipulative women ( real ones ). They set to work on Takki’s whole body, preparing him for the second coming of his mentor. His guide arrives and what follows is a bout of sensational sucking and fucking. The likes of which Takki never knew.

Let the BISHONEN guide you on a phenomenal journey and experience a release of mind and spirit as you enter a new dimension of inexplicable pleasure.

Length: 103 mins
Download: 1,980 Yen
DVD: 6,000 Yen +tax
Sale Date: 5/1/2009
Director: Hitoshi Nimura

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