Jyosou Bishonen Vol.3 (B-4)


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Jyosou Bishonen Vol.3 (B-4)

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to put on a dress and allow yourself to be lead in
to the beguiling world of the BISHONEN?

Our featured bishonen, a young, beautiful and healthy specimen is lead in to a world that he
only ever visited in the privacy of his home and only ever in jest. Realizing that this time is for
real he is shy at first but as the transformation from man to woman begins to route itself in to his
very soul he finds himself talking and behaving as a real woman does.
As the camera explores his shemale body, one would be forgiven for mistaking this beautiful creature for
the real thing. That is until you notice his she cock poking out of his lovely panties. With a mind
of it’s own it grows and starts to demand attention. Some sensual rotor assisted shaft play sets
the mood and the scene. Enter a handsome gay partner and what follows is mixture of sensual,
physical love making. Lots of orgy cock sucking and ass fucking will leave you wanting more as our
bishonen will convince your senses that this is an act between a man and a woman. To some
degree it is. Our specimen’s transformation is so complete, so real that he himself believes that
he is a woman. Gasping like a woman, the final climax and release is that of a real woman.
It’s perfect.

Let the BISHONEN guide you on a phenomenal journey and experience a release of mind and spirit as you enter a new dimension of inexplicable pleasure.

Length: 96 mins
Download: 1,980 Yen
DVD: 6,000 Yen +tax
Sale Date: 10/11/2009
Director: Hitoshi Nimura

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