Bishonen & Their Sluts (B-3)


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Bishonen & Their Sluts (B-3)

Have you ever wanted to dress up in women’s clothes?
This is the story of Riku. A wide eyed lad with a taste for adventure who is guided through the
absurdly wonderful world of the bishonen by a couple of masochistic bisexual females.
Riku walks in on 3 women and a perverted middle aged man.
They dress him up and start interrogating him with all sorts of personal questions about his
sexual preferences and experiences. They order him to show them his cock which by this time
is UP and ready for action.
Reluctantly, Riku opens his legs to reveal his cock and the girls start filming.
The girls begin playing with their new toy. Riku’s cock is poked and prodded from all angles as
the girls slowy get more and more worked up.
With his hands pinned down Riku is helpless to resist and starts to enjoy himself.
The girls take turns pulling on Riku’s cock and both team up to work his shaft
This kind of thing just doesn’t happen in a normal world.
They move to the bed where the girls start working on him from both sides.
They suck his fingers and toes. They lick his armpits and suck on his tongue.
They start doing something to his cock.
And the begin penetrating his tight bishonen ass .
They penetrate his bishonen ass with a enemagra which sends him spinning with delirious
pleasure to the four corners of the universe.
With his climax only moments away his helpers turn up the heat and begin to drive Riku in to a
frenzy of anticipation and exquisite, unbearable pleasure.
Finally he releases and the girls feed his warm spunk to him.

Let the BISHONEN guide you on a phenomenal journey and experience a release of mind and spirit as you enter a new dimension of inexplicable pleasure.

Length: 129 mins
Download: 1,980 Yen
DVD: 6,000 Yen +tax
Sale Date: 5/1/2009
Director: Hitoshi Nimura

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