My Little Male Playmate! Vol.1 (B-6)


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My Little Male Playmate! Vol.1 (B-6)

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to dress up as a woman?

This production transforms a couple of typically masculine specimens in to women and
thoroughly leads them in to the perverted world of the bishonen.
Our two specimens begin by dressing as women and playfully exploring each others bodies.
Their arousal is obviously noted by their large erections and and sensual cooing.
Enter one more male specimen.
Three cocks intertwined in what can only be described as heavenly trio of engourged pleasure.
The bishonen guide their new play thing toward climax in their hentai sex orgy.
Lots of ass fingering and vibrator play gives way to some of the best cock sucking you’re ever
The two bishonen are eventually left alone where the ultimate love between two men can
blossom. Their passion floods the room and an emotional bout of love making and finally
climaxing on to his lovers face he stays and holds him close.
They take turns fucking each others boy holes and sprogging in to each others beautiful bishonen faces.

This breathtaking / amazing form of eroticism ……………has been achieved without the
involvement of even one real female.

Let the BISHONEN guide you on a phenomenal journey and experience a release of mind and spirit as you enter a new dimension of inexplicable pleasure.

Length: 93 mins
Download: 1,980 Yen
DVD: 6,000 Yen +tax
Sale Date: 12/30/2009
Director: Hitoshi Nimura

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