BL Bishonen (B-41)


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BL Bishonen (B-41)

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to put on a dress and allow yourself to be lead
into the beguiling world of the Bishonen ?

クールな金髪○校生の華神くん(先輩)とスリムな筋肉質の岡田くん(後輩/AV男優)のふたり。ひょんなことから華神くんは岡田くんに嫉妬を覚え…… 美形モデルふたりを迎えてのBL美少年ビデオ。

Let the Bishonen guide you on a phenomenal journey and experience a release of mind and spirit as you enter a new dimension of inexplicable pleasure.

This DVD is a must see and don’t even think about not adding it to your collection!!

Length: 94 mins
Download: 3,980 Yen
DVD: Open Price
Sale Date: 31/10/2013
Director: Hitoshi Nimura

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