Jyosou Bishonen Vol.9 (B-13)


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Jyosou Bishonen Vol.9 (B-13)

What do you get when you pluck a fresh, kawaii, not so bright, snack bishonen off the street?
Now put makeup and a dress on him, put him in a room and DO him like a girl……artfully, that is.

Our tease team begins by trying to “open up” our fresh young bishonen by grilling him on his sexual preferences and interests to which our protagonist admits to trying on a girls school uniform before.
He admits it felt goooood. Let the games begin.
This is a cock suckin, buttfuckin, cumflying teasathon of gargantuan proportion.

One guy starts the action with a long strokefest to make our bishonen feel comfortable, all the while teasing him to the extreme and beyond…. He’s looking more and more like a girl all the time. Until you see his humongous short-arm , you wouldn’t even know it wasn’t a girl. Another guy is brought in to stroke, suck and snarf him with an insatiable hunger while the first introduces him to a dildo by way of his mouth. A few dildo turkey slaps and they’ve got him begging for the massive insertion. They then start working his ass with the dildo to loosen him up. Again, done sooooo teasingly slow and artfully.

After another change of clothes he’s allowed to suck some cock. And he scoffs it like a hungry orphan. He’s finished off by getting hooked up to an appliance with the second guy banging him missionary style. When he finally can’t hold back any longer he grabs his own cock and pumps his oyster all over his stomach. Since he’s still rock hard the guy grabs his cock and gives him one last slam pump which makes him squeal all the more. The tease team take this as their chance to empty splash after splash of hot spunk all over his face. He proceeds to suck him bone dry. As he’s wiping the cum off his face our beautiful bishonen thanks the guys for the fun. Can he ever go back to just being a boy again???

By the end of the movie you can’t help but feeling that he’s been totally humiliated for our viewing pleasure.
As he’s told to take off the wig and talk about his his first bishonen fuckathon he admits it was humiliating.
But not so much that he wouldn’t do it again……..in a cockbeat. Yum.

If this doesn’t get you grabbing your cock in minutes……..You’re not watching it right!

By markmywords

Length: 115 mins
Download: 1,980 Yen
DVD: 6,000 Yen +tax
Sale Date: 6/25/2011
Director: Hitoshi Nimura

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